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OLED, Foldable Display, Fine Chemical,Raw Material, 
Automotive materials, Chemical and Bio Analysis
Korea No.1 Global Trading Company

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We contribute to society through our business.

We make our future brighter and richer with our products.

Electronic Materials

Cutting-edge electronic materials that will lead the future.

Automative Materials

Cutting-edge material that will be applied to the automotive industry of the future.

Building Materials

Materials that will lead the future of architecture.

Analysis & Research Center

Analysis center that analyzes by melting cellulose and aramid that could not be melted.

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KOREA (Head Office)
#401-2, Wooree Venture Town, 466, Gangseo-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
07573, Republic of Korea


TEL: +82 2-3662-9610

#802 Espace Tamachi Annex, 3-7-13
Shibaura Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0023, Japan


TEL: +81 3-6712-9244

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