CEO's Message

CEO's Message

Thank you for visiting our website!


SENAYURI KOREA has strived to create 

a new future through continuous 

self-innovation and technological development

in the rapidly changing environment.



With the vision of a small but strong company, 

a company that innovates and changes, 

and a company that shares profits,

we will continue to strive to become a global company.



We promise to prioritize customer satisfaction 

through the supply of high-quality products,

and based on this, we will constantly strive 

to practice customer satisfaction management

that is loved and trusted by customers.




Thank you.

Su Yul Wang

Our Principles

As a socially valuable company,

we established our management philosophy 

that is based on

sincerity, social contribution, and 

a pioneering spirit to grow and evolve.

CEO's Message


We commit to being sincere in our business and humanity


We contribute to society through our business


We do our best in our business with a pioneering spirit

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