About Us

SENAYURI KOREA is a leading chemical trading company in the chemical industry, seeking to create new values

along with changes in the needs of the times,


We want to make the world, society, and your life richer through our sound business activities.

SENAYURI KOREA CO., LTD is a global company that started from Korea / Japan and operates extensively in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc.


We are expanding our business scope through specialized analysis services

such as Chemical Creator and GPC/NMR, as well as in the fields of chemicals, electricity, electronics, industrial materials, petrochemicals, automotive materials, and functional coatings, and recently established its position as a customization company.


Company Name


Address (Head Office)

#401-2, Wooree Venture Town, 466, Gangseo-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul 07573, Republic of Korea


Su Yul Wang

Establishment Date



Electrical, Electronic materials, Fine chemicals, OLED/Foldable displays, Functional paints, Automotive Internal and External resins, Hot Melt, Functional films, GPC/NMR analysis, etc

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